Pandemic Arrangements

Our products continue to be available through these trying times. Orders can be taken by phone and posted out. Payment can be made via internet bank transfer, PayPal, or by post with a cheque or postal order. Our best wishes to everyone, and thank you for your custom. Stay safe, and look forward to better times to come, as they surely will.

Aromatherapy Home Use Course ~ Autumn 2015

Aroma BottlesAromatherapy & Self Care Techniques for Home Use

Starting Tuesday 29th September here at the Evergreen Clinic of Natural Medicine.

Learn from an Expert: the basics of treating common ailments with aromatherapy oils; blending your own creams, body lotions and essential oils; caring for your emotional and physical well-being using simple-to-learn techniques.
The course will be led by Eileen Doody, M.I.F.A., M.I.M.T.A., CST-T. Eileen is the Evergreen Clinic’s resident aromatherapist who now has more than twenty years experience in full-time professional practice.
The cost is €99 for the six evening course. Includes course notes and materials.

Want to book a place? Or some further info?

Call Eileen here at the Evergreen Clinic: 021 496 6209 (office hours) or email Eileen at

Essential Oils

Essential oil labels are colour-coded according to the oils’ plant origin, e.g. green for herb, orange for citrus, brown for tree/bark, ruby for spice/exotic and mauve for flower, a valuable aide-de-memoir when blending. Labels also show the country of origin and the latin name of the plant so that, because our oils are sourced from single countries of origin and, in almost all cases, single plant species, you know exactly the species and origin.

We always work hard to source high quality oils at competitive prices from our various contacts in different countries, which we have built up over twenty years. This, plus working hard on the business front to keep overheads low, means we are able to offer high quality at lower prices than is commonly available.

Most of the time we have oils in stock which don’t make it onto the price list, so if you’re looking for something unusual do ask as we may have it in stock. If not, we will be happy to order it specially for you, which will usually take one to two weeks, depending on the supplier. Likewise we are always happy to give a competitive quote for larger quantities than those listed.

Angelica rootAngelica archangelica England€19.50
BasilorganicOcimum basilicum India€6.00€10.95€20.95
Basil linaloolOcimum basilicum Egypt€7.95€15.95€26.95€44.95
Basil methyl carvicolOcimum basilicum Egypt€6.25€13.25€23.95€37.95
BayPimenta racemosa W. Indies€7.75€11.45€19.75€34.75€59.50
Benzoin pourableStyrax benzoin Sumatra€4.75€8.95€14.95€24.95
Bergamot completeCitrus bergamia Italy€6.95€12.95€22.95€37.95
Bergamot complete organicCitrus bergamia
CajeputMelaleuca cajeputi Indonesia€4.95€8.95€13.95€19.95
CardamomElettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton
CarrotseedDaucus carota France€6.75€10.95€21.95€38.95€74.50
Cedar atlas organicCedrus atlantica France€5.95€11.65€18.95€34.95
Chamom. GermanMatricaria recutita Egypt€16.95€31.95€59.95€117€225.00
Chamom. RomanAnthemis nobilis UK€12.75€22.95€47.95€77.50€139.50
Cinnamon leafCinnamomun zeyl. Sri Lanka€4.75€8.45€13.45€21.45
Citronella Cymbopogon nardus Sri Lanka€4.25€7.95€12.50€19.95
Clary sage organicSalvia sclarea France€7.95€13.25€28.95€53.95€97.50
Clary SageSalvia sclarea Russia€8.75€16.95€29.95€53.45
Clove bud organicEugenia caryoph. Madagascar€7.85€15.95€25.45€43.95
Clove budEugenia caryoph. Madagascar€5.75€11.75€18.50€29.95
CorianderCoriandum sativum Russia€6.95€12.95€20.95€34.95
Cypress organicCupressus semp. France€9.25€19.45€36.95€63.95
DillAnethum graveolens
ElemiCanarium commune Phillipines€6.25€12.95€19.95€39.50
Eucalyptus citriodoraEucalyptus citriodora China€4.75€9.75€13.95€39.95
Eucalyptus globulus organicEucalyptus globuluscit.Portugal€3.95€6.95€10.45€18.50
Eucalyptus radiataEucalyptus radiata Australia€5.75€11.75€18.50€29.95
Eucalyptus smithii organicEucalyptus sm. Portugal€4.45€8.45€13.50€21.95
Fennel sweetFoeniculum vulg. Hungary€5.65€11.50€17.95€29.50
Boswellia Carteri
Somalia/ France
GalbanumFerula galbaniflua England
Pelargonium grav. Egypt€7.95€16.95€26.9546.95
Geranium BourbonPelargonium grav. Reunion€9.25€21.50€34.95€62.50
Geranium Rose organicPelargonium grav. Egypt€8.45€13.95€27.50€47.50€85.75
Ginger from fresh rootZingiber off. India€6.95€11.95€23.95€41.50€72.50
Grapefruit pinkCitrus paridisi USA€4.75€9.45€14.95€22.50
Grapefruit whiteCitrus paridisi Florida USA€5.25€10.45€16.95€27.95
Juniper berry Juniperus comm. Macedonia€8.45€15.95€28.50€49.95
Laurel leafLaurus nobilis L. Hungary€6.95€12.95€22.95€37.95
Lavender organicLavandula angust. France€8.95€18.50€31.95€54.95
LavenderLavandula angust.
Lemon organicCitrus limonum Italy€4.95€8.95€14.50€22.95
Lemongrass organicCymbopogon citratus Bhutan€4.45€9.95€15.95€26.95
LimeCitrus aurantifolia Mexico€5.75€10.95€16.50€26.95
Mandarin organicCitrus reticulata Sicily€7.95€16.95€28.95€49.95
ManukaLeptospermum scop. N.Z.€11.75€21.95€46.25€82.95€160.00
Marjoram sweetOriganum marjorum Egypt€7.25€12.95€22.95€37.50
Marjoram wild organicThymus mastichina Spain€6.45€12.75€19.95€35.95
May changLitsea cubeba N.Z.€4.45€9.25€16.95€25.95
MyrrhCommiphora species Somalia/France€8.95€15.45€34.95€61.50€109.00
Myrtle lemonBackhousia citriodora Australia€8.95€14.95
Myrtle redMyrtus communis Morocco€7.45€13.95€24.95€44.95
NiaouliMelaleuca viridiflora Indonesia€5.95€11.45€17.95€29.50
NutmegMyristica fragrans Indonesia€7.45€14.95€22.50€39.95
OpoponaxCommiphora erythraea France€7.95€15.25
Orange organicCitrus aurantium Mexico€3.95€7.45€12.95€18.75
OreganoOriganum vulgari Turkey€9.95€16.95€31.95
PalmarosaCymbopogon martini India€4.95€9.95€17.95€29.95
ParsleyPetroselinum crispum Egypt€6.95€11.95€22.45POAPOA
Patchouli darkPogostemon cablin Indonesia€5.95€10.95€16.75€28.45
Pepper black organicPiper nigrum Madagascar€7.25€13.45€27.95€42.95€75.95
Pepper blackPiper nigrum India€6.45€12.45€20.95€35.95
Peppermint organicMentha pip. India€6.95€12.95€22.45€37.50
PetitgrainCitrus aurantium fol. Paraguay€5.95€10.95€16.75€28.45
Pine organicPinus sylvestris France€9.45€19.95€29.45€52.45
PinePinus sylvestris Hungary€4.45€8.65€14.50€22.50
Pine Pinus sibirica Siberia€4.75€9.95€15.45€23.50
RavensaraRavensara arom. Madagascar€7.95€16.65€28.95€51.50
Rosemary wildRosmarinus off. Tunisia€5.95€11.25€17.95€27.45
RosewoodAniba rosaeodora India€8.45€15.95
SpearmintMentha spicata U.S.A.€5.25€10.25€16.95€26.95
Spruce BlackPicea mariana Canada€5.25€10.45
TangerineCitrus reticulata Blanco Brazil€4.25€7.95€12.95€22.95
Ti tree organicMelaleuca altern. Australia€6.25€11.95€17.95€25.95
Thyme redThymus zygis L. Spain€9.95€22.50€37.95€66.95
Thyme soft (linalol) organicThymus vulg. CT linalool France€9.95€19.95€45.00€77.50POA
ValerianValeriana officinalis UK€14.95€26.95€63.50
Vetivert BourbonVetiveria zizanoides Reunion€8.95€14.95€32.50€62.50€119
WintergreenGaultheria procumbens L. USA€4.75€8.95€12.75€21.95
YarrowAchillea millefolium England€14.95€27.95POA
Ylang Ylang organicCananga odorata Madagascar€8.95€18.95€32.95€56.50

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Rose Otto, Absolutes & the Rare & Exotic

There are always a few oils that don’t make it onto the price list, so if the exotica you want is not listed do give us a ring. If we don’t have the oil you want, we’re happy to order specially for you. Usually takes 5-10 days.

Angelica rootAngelica archangelica England€8.95€19.50
Coffee absoluteCaffea arabica France€21.95
Flouve oilAnthoxanthum odoratum France€13.75€29.95€52.95
Immortelle organicHelichrysum ital. Corsica€22.95€51.95
Immortellehelichrysum ital.
Inula (sweet)
Inula graveolens France€35.95
Jasmine absoluteJasminum grandiflorum Egypt€21.95€49.95€88.95POA
MelissaMelissa off. UK€14.75€32.95€58.95POA
Mimosa absoluteMorocco€12.95€22.95€48.95
NeroliCitrus aurant. Bigarde Tunis€22.50€48.95€87.50
Pink Lotus absoluteNelumbo nucifera India€24.95€55.95
Rose absoluteRosa damascena Mill. Bulgaria€21.95€47.95€85.95POA
SandalwoodSantalum austrocaledonicum
New Caledonia
SandalwoodSantalum album India€14.95€32.50€59.50
Seaweed absoluteFucus vesiculosis

SpikenardNardostachys grand. India€8.95€15.95€29.95€64.95
ValerianValeriana off. U.K.€14.95€26.95€63.50

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Vegetable Oils & Fixed Oils

50ml100ml250ml500ml1 litre5 litres
Almond sweet c.p.u.€3.95€5.95€8.95€15.95€65.00
Avocado organic€7.95€15.95€29.95
Castor Oil€4.95€9.95€15.95
Jojoba c.p.u. organic€6.95€11.95€24.95€47.5072.50
Rosehip seed organic low temp. CO2 extract - superb quality€15.50€27.95€59.95POA
Sunflower c.p.u. organic€9.45
Vitamin E complex extract€6.95€10.95€24.95
Wheatgerm c.p.€8.95€19.95€35.95

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Infused ~ Macerated Oils

Our infused oils are made from cold pressed, unrefined, organic sunflower or sesame oil and dried organic herbs. When available we use fresh herbs from our organic garden. The result is a superb quality infused oil, wonderfully thick and rich, with no colourings or additives.

Calendula (marigold) petals infused in sweet almond oil€ 7.75€ 15.95€ 28.95
Carrot Root macerated in sesame oil cpu organic€ 14.50€ 32.95
Cayenne fruit (chilli) infused in almond oil€9.95

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Solid Oils, Waxes, Excipients & Miscellany

Beeswax Buttons yellow€ 6.45€ 13.95€23.50
Cocoa Butter organic€7.95€ 17.50€ 32.50
Glycerine (vegetable)
Shea Butter organic€6.95€12.95€23.95
White Soft Paraffin€ 12.95€ 21.95

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Hydrosols/Floral Waters

Floral waters, also known as hydrosols, hydrolats, or distillates, are valuable therapeutic tools for the aromatherapist. A product of the steam which gently passes through the plant material when an essential oil is distilled, hydrolats embody many of the medicinal virtues of both the plant and the essential oil. (Beware of inferior floral waters synthesised from essential oils and distilled water, or made merely from synthetically perfumed water. These will generally have a much less subtle aroma with far fewer notes).

100ml250ml500ml1 litre
Frankincense Somalia (distilled England)€4.75€8.95€14.95
Lavender organic France€5.95€10.95€17.95€26.50
Neroli (orange blossom) distilled England € 6.45€ 13.45€ 23.45
Rose Bulgarian€ 6.45€ 12.95€ 19.95€ 31.50
Witchhazel organic€ 7.65€ 17.45€ 27.95

Hydrolats are especially pleasant in the bath (use about 25ml) giving the bathwater a luxurious silky feel  with an aroma and therapeutic properties similar  to the essential oil, but more gentle on the skin. However, hydrolats are most widely used as beautifully aromatic skin toners.

Most of our floral waters are organic, and all are the product of distillation, except for jasmine and honeysuckle which, though they smell wonderful, are not available as true hydrolats.

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Bottles & Jars, etc.

Amber Glass BottlesEachPack of 10
5ml Essential Oil with dropper & cap€ 0.45€ 4.10
10ml Essential Oil with dropper & cap€ 0.60€ 5.50
25ml Essential Oil with dropper & cap€ 0.85€ 7.95
50ml Essential Oil with dropper & cap€1.10€9.95
100ml Essential Oil with dropper & cap€1.45€12.95
25ml Amber glass round + Cap€0.95€8.75
25ml amber glass with atomiser spray€1.45€14.00
30ml Amber glass round with rubber-topped pipette€2.25€20.95
50ml amber glass round + cap€ 0.95€ 8.25
100ml amber glass round + cap€ 1.65€ 14.95
150ml amber glass round + cap€ 1.95€ 17.95
Amber Glass JarsEachPack of 10
30g€ 1.65€ 15.50
60g€1.95€ 18.50
120gCurrently not availableCurrently not available
Plastic Bottles EachPack of 10
100ml + Cap€ 1.30€ 11.95
100ml + Fliptop€ 1.80€ 16.45
100ml + Spray-top €1.85€16.95
250ml + Cap€ 1.10€ 9.95
250ml + Flip-top€ 1.75€ 15.95
250ml + Spray-top€1.95€17.95
500ml plastic + Cap€ 1.25€ 10.45
1 litre + Cap€ 1.45€ 13.45
MiscellaneousEachPack of 10
Spray Insert€ 0.85€ 7.25

We are happy to take your order by phone or fax: 021 496 6029

Essential Oil Uses

Common NameLatin NameProperties
BasilOcimum basilicumWarming and stimulating. Traditionally used to aid concentration, clear headaches & ease mental fatigue. An antispasmodic oil for tired muscles, chest and digestive complaints.
BenzoinStyrax benzoinSedative, soothing and warming. Inhalations for coughs, sore throats and chest problems. Tradionally used to aid sleep and dispell grief and lonliness. Is added to skin preparations for irritated and dry skin.
BergamotCitrus bergamia Considered relaxing and uplifting. A good antiseptic for acne, cold sores and skin care, cystitis and chest infections. A natural deodoriser when vaporised. Can be photosensitising - should not be used on skin exposed to sun.
CapejutMelaleuca cajeputiVery stimulating and penetrating aroma. Excellent for colds, coughs and sinus infections. Antiseptic. Used for muscle and joint pains.
Cedar AtlasCedrus atlanticaA soothing oil. Traditionally used for cleansing ceremonies. This oil can be helpful for insomnia. Also used for barber's rash, acne, scalp irritation. Excellent for chest congestion.
Chamomile, GermanMatricaria recititaContains more azule than Roman Chamomile and therefore is deep blue. It's properties and aroma are stronger than Roman chamomile..
Chamomile, RomanAnthemis nobilisStrongly sedative, soothing and anti-inflamatory for inflamed skin, arthritic joints and hayfever. Useful for womens problems, digestive disturbances and insomnia. Safe for babies to ease teething, colic and crankiness
Cinnamon LeafCinnamomum zeyl.A beautiful scent. Used as an air freshener, to keep germs at bay. Helps rid the air of tobacco fumes. Not recommended for use directly on the skin
CitronellaCymbopogon nardusA refreshing lemony scent, used as an air freshener and insect repellent.
Clary-sageSalvia sclereaDeeply relaxing. Excellent nerve tonic. Antispasmodic properties used for aching muscles, back pain and period cramps. Also for asthma, migraine and womens problems. Do not use after taking alcohol as it may induce very lurid dreams.
Clove BudEugenia caryoph.A powerful antiseptic. Not recommended for use on the skin. Vaporise to keep germs at bay.
CorianderCoriandum sativumWarming and stimulating. Useful for the digestive system and for rheumatic aches and pains, as well as aching muscles and chills.
CypressCupressus sempervirensRelaxing and refreshing. An astringent for circulatory problems. May help relieve piles and varicose veins. Also used for aching muscles, asthma and heavy periods. An anti-perspirant and deoderant.
Eucalyptus GlobulusEucalyptus globulusStrongly antiseptic for chest and sinus infections, colds and cystitis. Useful for rheumatism and arthritis.
Eucalyptus CitriodoraEucalyptus citriodoraA lemon scented species paticularly useful for inflamed joints and tendonitis or busitis.
Eucalyptus SmithiiEucalyptus smithiiA gender species suitable for use with young children and babies instead of Eucalyptus globulus.
Fennel, SweetFoeniculum vulgareExcellent for catarrhal congestion and as a digestive tonic. Detoxifying for cellulite and water retention. Oestrogen-like for menopausal symptoms and P.M.T.
FrankincenseBoswellia thurfera/carteriiDeeply relaxing aroma. Used to prevent wrinkles and heal scars and stretch marks. For respitory problems as it encourages slower, deeper breathing. An aid to meditation and relaxation.
GeraniumPelargonium graveolensWidely used for women's problems and skin care. Balancing for hormones and emotions. Use cautiously on very sensitive skins.
GingerZingiber officinaleWarming and stimulating. Used for cold's and 'flu'. Stimulates the circulation and digestion. Relieves nausea.
GrapefruitCitrus paradisiExcellent refreshing properties for the body and mind. Reputedly helpful for jet lag. Also considered detoxifying.
JasmineJasminum grandiflorumNot available as an essential oil. The absolute is produced by extraction with solvents and should be used with caution. A deeply sensual aroma. Used for depression, skin care, and as a reproductive tonic. Said to improve self confidence.
JuniperJuniperus communisA sedative oil for the mind, but very stimulating for the body. A diuretic and urinary antiseptic. Avoid in pregnancy and kidney disease.
Lavender Lavandula angustifoliaThis is the most versatile and popular oil. Healing and balancing for the body and soul. Used for skin care and relaxation. Safe for children. Acne, burns, bruises, colds, flu, athletes foot,etc, etc.
LemonCitrus limonumRefreshing and uplifting. Tonic for circulation and the immune system. Reputed to remove warts, verrucae and corns, as well as detoxifying the body.
LemongrassCymbopogon citratusUseful for mental and physical fatigue and overworked muscles. Relaxing to the mind. Also for open pores and acne. A fungicidal oil.
MandarinCitrus reticulataGentle enough to use on babies and the elderly. Excellent for insomnia and digestive disturbance. Also used for stretch marks and scarring.
Marjoram, SweetOriganum majoranaA warming and soothing oil. Used for anxiety, grief, insomnia and stress. Also for muscular, digestive and menstrual pain, constipation and migrane.
MyrrhCommiphora myrrhaA relaxing aroma, with excellent healing properties. Especially good for sore throats, slow healing wounds and fungal infections.
NeroliCitrus aurantium AmaraDistilled from the flowers of the Orange tree, this oil has a truly beautiful aroma, but is expensive. Excellent for sensitive skins. Used for all sorts of anxiety and depression. Safe to use in pregnancy. Also good for the digestive system. Said to improve self confidence.
NiaouliMelaleuca viridifloraA close relative of tea tree. Similar properties to capejut and eucaliptus.
NutmegMyristica fragransA very potent oil. Warming and stimulating. Traditionally used for the digestion and as an anti-infectious oil. Not recommended for home use.
Orange,SweetCitrus sinensisRelaxing and refreshing. A good digestive tonic.
PalmarosaCymbopogon martiniA sweet aroma. Excellent for nervous exhaustion and stress related problems. Also for skin care.
PatchouliPogostemon cablinPeople love or hate this aroma. Very balancing emotionally and physically. Useful for the circulation and dry or chapped skin, as well as general skin care.
PeppermintMentha piperitaExcellent for headaches and migrane, digestive problems, nausea and sinusitus. Do not use on children under 3.
Pepper, BlackPiper nigrumStimulating, warming and toning. Used by dancers and athletes to promote suppleness and muscle tone. Aches pains and chills. A digestive tonic. Avoid in kidney disease.
PetitgrainCitrus aurantiumFrom the leaves of the orange tree. Similar to Neroli in action but far less expensive, the aroma is less refined but still delightful. An excellent relaxant, yet uplifting and a useful antispasmodic, especially for nervous diarrhoea and tummy problems. Good for sensitive skins.
PinePinus sylvestrisEnergising and antiseptic. For stress, fatigue and burnout. Respitory infections.
Rose OttoRosa damascenaDistilled from the rose. It takes very many petals to produce a few drops, which explains the high cost. The absolute is produced by solvent extraction and therefore only the Otto should be used in aromatherapy. The most feminine of oils. Considered excellent for grief and depression. Also a reproductive tonic. Used for skin care.
RosemaryRosmarinus officinalisSome caution with this oil as there are several contraindications. However, excellent for stimulating the brain, clearing the senses and treating headaches. Also respiratory catarrh and sinusitis. Digestive problems and muscle or joint pain. Very stimulating.
Sandalwood AgmarkSantalum albumRelaxing and sensual. A special affinity for the respitory and urinary systems as a disinfectant. Soothes dry coughs and sore throats. Also used in skin care. Balances sebum production and therefore good for all skin types.
Spearmint Mentha spicata Much sweeter and less piercing than peppermint. Similar uses.
Spruce, BlackPicea mariana Similar to pine, but more pleasing aroma.
Tea TreeMelaleuca alternifoliaEffective against bacteria and fungi. Used for acne, spots, abscesses, athlete's foot, ringworm and thrush. Also mosquito bites, stings and grazes. Cold's and flu - boosts the immune system.
VetivertVetivera zizanoidesA heavy aroma which is excellent as a sedative. Balancing for the mind and body.
Ylang-Ylang 3Cananga odorataA sweet aroma. Can lower blood pressure and deepen the breathing. Excellent sedative for extreme anxiety. Traditionally used for the skin and hair. Too much can be rather nauseating.

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