Floral waters, also known as hydrosols, hydrolats, or distillates, are valuable therapeutic tools for the aromatherapist. A product of the steam which gently passes through the plant material when an essential oil is distilled, hydrolats embody many of the medicinal virtues of both the plant and the essential oil. (Beware of inferior floral waters synthesised from essential oils and distilled water, or made merely from synthetically perfumed water. These will generally have a much less subtle aroma with far fewer notes).

100ml250ml500ml1 litre
Frankincense Somalia (distilled England)€4.75€8.95€14.95
Lavender organic France€5.95€10.95€17.95€26.50
Neroli (orange blossom) distilled England € 6.45€ 13.45€ 23.45
Rose Bulgarian€ 6.45€ 12.95€ 19.95€ 31.50
Witchhazel organic€ 7.65€ 17.45€ 27.95

Hydrolats are especially pleasant in the bath (use about 25ml) giving the bathwater a luxurious silky feel  with an aroma and therapeutic properties similar  to the essential oil, but more gentle on the skin. However, hydrolats are most widely used as beautifully aromatic skin toners.

Most of our floral waters are organic, and all are the product of distillation, except for jasmine and honeysuckle which, though they smell wonderful, are not available as true hydrolats.

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